Nothing can replace the experience of buying in a physical store, especially if we are talking about shoes and especially if the physical store is one of the charming boutiques Fabi around the world. But how many are the advantages of online shopping? For those who do not have much time to go around shopping, having a shop open 24 h, with a whole portfolio at disposal and with all the tranquility of the home, is a priceless opportunity.

When it comes to shoes, though, many people become absorbed in doubt before completing the purchase. Fabi Mag thought of a brief and comprehensive guide in 10 tips to help you avoid the most common mistakes buying footwear online.

  1. The right shop – The first tip to avoid mistakes in your shopping is to choose an online shop with a reliable history. Better yet, if the brand has physical shops: guaranteed activity and solid experience in the field.
  2. Evaluate returns policies – The second step is definitely to go read what are the shoes e-commerce’s returns policies: if they are particularly severe, suspect.
  3. Shoes images – Buy shoes online means, in large part, rely on the images offered by the e-commerce. Choose a site where the images are large enough to evaluate the details and framing the footwear from multiple perspectives.
  4. Materials – Although the image can help you choose, does not tell everything. Not being able to weigh and physically touch the shoe, you can’t get an accurate idea of the quality of its materials. It will require a description of the details of the product. Carefully read the materials used and, if you have any doubt, do not hesitate to contact customer service.
  5. Colors – This applies to what we said above: the product photos may not reproduce accurately what’s the color of the product. The description could help and, in any case, you have the option of customer service to clarify any doubts.
  6. The right size  – One of the crucial issues in buying shoes online is choosing the right shoe size. It is therefore essential to proceed to measure the foot and follow the size guide that every e-commerce of footwear should offer. To get the right fit, proceed as follows: take a blank sheet of paper, a pencil and a ruler; wear a sock of medium thickness and place your foot down on the sheet. With a pencil, draw the outline of the foot with care. Measure the length from heel to toe and compare the measurement with our conversion chart and size guide (follow the advice given above the table).
  7. Start with the right foot – Many shoppers ignore that the two feets are often not of the same size. If you can’t count on the support of experienced staff of a shop, here is a precious advice: with the procedure of the tip # 6, measure both feets and consider the measure of the larger one.
  8. The first order is a test – When you buy the shoes of a brand for the first time ordered a single model, so you can test the correctness of the chosen number. Once you have found that the number is the right one, free way to shop till you drop.
  9. Try them on right away – Without taking away any labels, immediately try your new shoes purchased online, so that they can be within the timing for the return if there is something wrong.
  10. Try them indoor – To avoid damaging them and make it impossible the return, try the shoes carefully indoor.

Want to test immediately these 10 simple tips to avoid mistakes in buying shoes online? So start from our online boutique and make your choice.